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Bob's Red Mill - 5 Grain Rolled Cereal ( 8 - 16 OZ)

5-Grain Rolled cereal is made from rolled whole wheat, rye, oats, flaxseed, barley, and triticale. It's just like oatmeal, only better. Make your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe using this 5-Grain cereal for a delectable treat.
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Bob's Red Mill - Non-Fat Apple Blueberry Granola ( 4 - 12 OZ)

Gently toasted clusters of whole grain rolled oats, pure Fruit and cane juices, and dried Fruit make an all-natural, delicious, and healthy granola.
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Bob's Red Mill - Oat Honey Granola ( 4 - 12 OZ)

A scrumptious, easy way to enjoy the goodness of whole grains. It's crunchy clusters and delicate, lightly sweet flavor will keep you reaching for more. With a hint of honey, whole grain oats, crunchy puffed rice and All Natural flavors, this is one granola truly worthy of the name.
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Case of 10 - Cascadian Farm Cereal - Organic - Multi-Grain Squares - 12.3 oz

Bursting with whole-grain goodness, this yummy day-starter blends the crunch and flavor of wheat, corn and rice with just a hint of sugar.
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Case of 10 - Kashi Cereal - Organic - Corn - Indigo Morning - 10.3 oz

We mix real berries with our crispy, puffy golden corn for a sunny, organic cereal you'll love waking up to.Enjoy this tasty organic pairing! A delicious blend of puffed golden corn flakes with real blueberries and blackberries, bursting with tangy sweet flavor.- 22g Whole Grains* per serving- Gluten Free- Vegan- Non-GMO Project Verified- USDA Organic* 48g or more of whole grains recommended dailyDevelopment of heart disease depends upon many factors, but its risk may be reduced by diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol and healthy lifestyles.Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods, and low in total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
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Case of 12 - Cascadian Farm Cereal - Organic - Purely Os - 8.6 oz

Every member of the family is going to love these yummy O's, brimming with the great taste of organic, whole-grain oats. Dig in!
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Case of 5 - Freedom Foods Cereal - Cocoa Crunch - Gluten Free - 10 oz

Freedom Foods Cocoa Crunch are delicious chocolaty puffs of rice, corn and sorghum that kids will love.
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Case of 5 - Freedom Foods Cereal - Maple Crunch - Gluten Free - 10.6 oz

Tastes like a pancake breakfast, only crunchier. Trick your tastebuds every morning with this deliciously rich maple cereal free of gluten, wheat and nuts. - See more at:
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Case of 5 - Freedom Foods Cereal - TropicOs - Gluten Free - 10 oz

Yummy fruit flavored cereal rings of rice, corn and wholegrain sorghum, Freedom Foods TropicOs are a healthier treat that kids will love. - See more at:
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Case of 6 - Back To Nature Granola - Vanilla Almond Agave - 11 oz

Natural vanilla flavor and flecks of almonds add delicate taste and hearty crunch to our classic whole grain oats granola. Sweetened with agave, our granola is a delicious reason to smile.
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Case of 6 - Bear Naked Granola - Protein - Original Cinnamon - 11.2 oz

ORIGINAL CINNAMONS got flavor that speaks for itself and the energy from protein to back it up. Its a crunchy and intensely tasty blend of whole grain oats, sweet honey, tart cranberries and toasted sunflower seeds.
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Living Intentions Cereal - Organic - Superfood - Cacao Crunch - 9 oz - case of 6

Supercharge your day the chocolate way! Enhanced with Cacao, Maca Root, Mesquite Pod, Astragalus Extract and Reishi Mycelium.
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